Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sad Month

This month is really sad for me & my family. It was 1 year ago this month that we lost our twins:

Lainey Isabella on Sept. 20, 2006


Lake Wyatt on Sept. 30, 2006

Our lives have changed so much in the past year & a half. I think back to last June when we were expecting TRIPLETS & my dad was healthy. It all started changing a few weeks later when I lost the 3rd baby & my dad was diagnosed with cancer. The twins were doing great but that all changed on Sept. 18 when I went into premature labor. Little did we know that after we buried the twins on October 1, 2006 that we would be back to the cemetery on January 22, 2007 to bury my dad beside the twins. I would like to thank all of our friends & family who have helped us during these difficult times & continue to do so. Your prayers help us so much so please continue.

Weekend With Friends & Family

We had a good weekend with friends & family. We started with a surprise birthday dinner for Leah on Friday night. Jason flew in from California on Friday to attend Saturdays BAMA game so he was able to make it to the dinner. We hadn't seen Jason since Christmas so it was good to see him & catch up.

We had some friends over to watch the game on Saturday. By the way, what a game!

After church Sunday we enjoyed a BBQ at Ben's parents house to welcome Jason home. It was such a pretty day that we ate on the screened in deck. Most of Ben's family was there & my mother, Wendy & AJ also came. It was a good day!

Me & Ben were able to see our niece & nephew this weekend. Addison made her first trip to Berry on Sunday. She is so precious with that headful of black hair. She is such a good baby - I could have held her all day. AJ is a very, very active 21 month old - it seems like just yesterday that he was as small as Addison. He is very curious about everything & talking up a storm now. For those of you that don't know he calls Ben (Buh) and me (GiGi). This past week he learned to say Wal-Mart (Mal-Mart) & Uh Oh.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Leah!

New To Blogging

This is all new to me but I thought that I would give it a try. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our busy lives.