Monday, November 19, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy 32nd Aaron

We had a birthday supper for Aaron on Tuesday night 11/13 at Mom's house.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Festival / Halloween

We stayed home until AJ came by to trick or treat & then we went to the Fall Festival / Trunk or Treat at my mom's church. We had a really good time. After I gave out candy to the kids that were there I went trick or treating myself - I had forgotten how much fun it was!! I didn't really need the candy but Ben has enjoyed it. After we ate grilled hotdogs & chili we went on a hayride - we had a lot of fun especially AJ. AJ was a little coal miner for Halloween & he was so cute!

AJ - Our Little Coal Miner

Mom & Burl

Me & my cousin Kalah


Keeping Addison

We kept Addison 10/27-10/28 while Leah & Ray were in New York on business. Addison did great - she got up every 3hrs to be fed & changed then went right back to sleep. Ben, however, didn't wake up a single time! On Sunday morning we got up, got dressed & was at church early! It's hard for me & Ben to be at church on time so I thought for sure that we would be late since we are not used to having a baby to feed & get dressed but I was surprised.

Keeping her made me want a baby so much more. We are hoping & praying that 2008 will be our year!

Addison on Sunday morning before we went to church.